NJCAA Region 8 Cross Country Notebook: September 26

Women's Cross Country
Photo courtesy of Steve Winterling, Pasco-Hernando State College

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (September 26, 2017) - The Mountain Dew Invitational, hosted by the University of Florida on September 23, brought all five Region 8 teams together for competition on the trails.

There, Region 8 participants not only competed head-to-head with top runners from four-year programs such as Florida and Florida State, but offered a mid-season gauge against one another in what amounted to a preview event for the Region 8 Cross Country Championships on October 28 in Tallahassee, Fla.

Pasco-Hernando State College, who entered the race, ranked No. 1 in Region 8, was the top team finisher among the quintet. South Florida State College was next followed by Tallahassee Community College, Florida State College at Jacksonville and Chipola College. 

Pasco-Hernando State's Quincy Mayer was the top Region 8 finisher at the Mountain Dew, posting a 20:12 in the 5000-meter race, the top time in the region this fall. Chipola's Chelsee Cook-McGee was next at 20:20 followed by Tallahassee's Meagan Giddens at 20:44 and Florida State College's Michaela Scruti at 20:53, the second-, third- and fourth-fastest times of the fall, respectively.

Giddens also clocked a 21:12 at the Big Bend XC Invite on September 2 and is the only runner to post two top-five times this season.  

The teams will go their separate ways prior to October 28's championship race at Apalachee Regional Park in "Trail-a-hassee."

NJCAA Region 8 Women's Team Rankings

  1. Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC)
  2. South Florida State College (SFSC)
  3. Tallahassee Community College (TCC)
  4. Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ)
  5. Chipola College (CC)

NJCAA Region 8 Individual Women's Rankings (5000-meter race times)

  1. Quincy Mayer (PHSC) - 20:12, Mountain Dew Invitational
  2. Chelsee Cook-McGee (CC) - 20:20, Mountain Dew Invitational
  3. Meagan Giddens (TCC) - 20:44, Mountain Dew Invitational
  4. Michaela Scruti (FSCJ) - 20:53, Mountain Dew Invitational
  5. Meagan Giddens (TCC) - 21:12, Big Bend XC Invite
  6. Kylyn Burbine (PHSC) - 21:28, Mountain Dew Invitational
  7. Kamryn Folger (SFSC) - 21:58, Mountain Dew Invitational
  8. Haley Grayson (FSCJ) - 22:04, Mountain Dew Invitational
  9. Michael Scruti (FSCJ) - 22:45, Cecil Field Pre-season Classic
  10. Skylen Acuna (PHSC) - 22:52, Mountain Dew Invitational
  11. Brenda Miramontes (SFSC) - 22:54, Mountain Dew Invitational
  12. Lexy Barraza (SFSC) - 22:58, Mountain Dew Invitational
  13. Olnick Duverge (TCC) - 23:10, Mountain Dew Invitational
  14. Lauren Hale (PHSC) - 23:24, Mountain Dew Invitational
  15. Ilana Addison (SFSC) - 23:36, Mountain Dew Invitational
  16. Savanna Van Wechel (PHSC) - 23:49, Mountain Dew Invitational
  17. Madaline Toth (PHSC) - 24:14, Mountain Dew Invitational
  18. Montana Gottman (PHSC) - 24:14, Mountain Dew Invitational
  19. Rachel Williams (TCC) - 25:07, Mountain Dew Invitational
  20. Mariah Turgeon (SFSC) - 25:15, Mountain Dew Invitational

NJCAA Region 8 Individual Men's Rankings (8000-meter race times)

  1. Gatlin Nennstiel, TCC - 29:40, Mountain Dew Invitational
  2. Joshua Guest, TCC - 29:59, Mountain Dew Invitational
  3. Travis Parks, TCC - 31:49, Mountain Dew Invitational
  4. Tunde Azikwe, TCC - 35:04, Mountain Dew Invitational
  5. Louis Cordero, TCC - 36:32, Mountain Dew Invitational
  6. Kelvin Brown, TCC- 39:03, Mountain Dew Invitational